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Travel Insurances

After few dozen years of pure experience in adventure we have dealt with many different situations, as well as critical ones. Some people from time to time get injured or fall ill, which in turn interrupts overall holiday experience. However, it can get even worse when you realize that at the critical time when you seek help and guidance you do not have the right insurance company, which properly covers and serves you. And we know such cases.

Therefore, from our past knowledge we would like to suggest you the following list of insurance companies that we truly recommend and trust:

Top Travel Insurances

World Nomands – Insurance Company that provides global travel insurance and travel safety services for people from over 150 countries. According to World Nomads, theirs is the only travel insurance you can actually buy after you have already left home and are already away traveling and they are the recommended travel insurance partner of Lonely Planet. It is also recommended By Lonely Planet, National Geographic, Rough Guides, Footprint Travel Guides, – Worldwide insure –

Country Insurances


United Kingdoms

United States


  • Please make sure your insurance covers up to 5,000m height MINIMUM, and such medical expenses as helicopter evacuation.
  • Please be aware that Trek Nepal Int’l has no control over the climate, nor the political stability of the country, so trip delays due to Strikes or Bad Weather conditions such as Fogs, Landslides, Heavy Rains, etc. are certainly a possibility. Trek Nepal Int’l does NOT cover any of the above stated delays. So in order to avoid any loss of your payment please make sure that your travel insurance covers all possible Travel Delays.