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With the Kathmandu valley as its centre, the Nepal Mandala stretches out in all directions, covering some of the most varied and astounding terrain on earth. All in one place, you can experience the thrill of rafting down raging, glacial-fuelled rivers while enjoying views of jungle covered canyons. You can soar amongst the world’s highest peaks on daily mountain flights or you can catch it all from ground level, where you’ll trek through gorgeous terraced lands of vibrant gold and green. Along the way you’ll pass serene villages, turquoise lakes, and age-old yak herders along the Himalayan salt route.

Whether your interest is adventurous or cultural, Nepal will satisfy all its visitors with a wide range of exciting experiences. Anything from the ever popular bungy jump over a Himalayan canyon, to a trek with a yak caravan in search of the mythical yeti can be experienced in this majestic land. The limits of your Nepal adventure are the limits of your imagination.

Trek Nepal Int'l

Trek Nepal Int'l was founded by Gobardhan Basnet and Resham Kumar Bal in September 2000. This family-run company, based in Thamel, Kathmandu, is licensed to operate Trekking and Travel related tourism within Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan and has 16 years of experience and customer satisfaction under its belt!

Many companies have jumped on to Trek Nepal Int’l's success. So please do not get confused. If you have any questions about the authenticity of a company claiming to be affiliated with Trek Nepal Int’l please contact us at 

We are extremely proud of what we offer - customer satisfaction, enjoyment and safety are our prime focuses and we promise to give you the experience of a lifetime which fully reflects the price you have paid.